Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Strong Right Hook

I went for a doctor appointment this morning to see if he could find the baby's heartbeat (he tried once before at 12.5 weeks and nothing, so he wanted me back at 14.5 weeks). He looked for a while, and he couldn't find it at all again. I was a little stressed, but was trying to remember that it's still early. Then he started asking me scary questions like, "Did you experience morning sickness?" and "How sure are you of your dates?" He decided that he was going to try to push for an early ultrasound to make sure everything was as it should be with the little twerp. Jeff was with me at the appointment.

We stuck around for a bit and the doctor said we were to go straight down to the hospital and they would squeeze me in for an early U/S. The receptionist got me in right away for my blood test (they wanted to test the bHcg levels, just in case I couldn't get in for an U/S quite then). Then, about a half hour later, I got in for my U/S. The tech found Twerp right away. Thank Goodness!! She also noted that the doctor should go back to school b/c he was looking too low, apparently I'm carrying fairly high. Then she also said he must have been too slow to keep up with Twerp. He (I think it's a boy) was just a givin'er in there. When they finally called Jeff in and I got to see the screen too, we saw two arms, two legs, ribs and spine, a beautiful little flutter of light that was the heartbeat, and a strong right hook (Jeff was so proud). I'm a little concerned for the future if it's already hard to catch and it's relatively confined!!!! Jeff was sure to ask if she was sure there was only one, which she was.

So my day that started out scary, turned out to be wonderful!!! :)


At 1:28 p.m., Blogger April said...

Hi there farm girl! Its me, April Archambault. Found your blog via Jennifer W's blog today! Now Alf and Josh and I can spy into your life too! hee hee. A belated congrats on your pregnancy. Very exciting times I'd say. Hard to believe Josh is already 8 months! Blessings to you and Jeff.
♥ April


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