Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Manitoba Farm Girl

This is sure going to be a trial run for this bumpkin. I only hope I don't mess up my first ever blog post.

My days are long and I'm almost always tired. I'm a newly-wed who farms grain and cattle in rural Manitoba as well as working for a local credit union as an account manager. Fancy-speak for loans officer dealing in farm loans (with some commercial loans).

We currently have 75 cows, 76 acres of canola swathed and waiting to harvest and many many many more bales of hay and greenfeed to move home.

Our work is never ending partially because we are currently in the middle of turning a small grain farm (1,120 acres) into a mixed grain and cow/calf farm over the course of less than one year. Our end goal is 150 cows and about 600 acres in crops the rest in hay.

Our journey was blessed by my late father, Herb, before he passed away on Father's Day 2006. We are walking a difficult path, but we will emerge stronger.