Thursday, December 21, 2006

I've Been Discovered!

Well my secret blog is out! I have been found by several of my friends (although I'm just guessing that "anonymous" is Amy).

I am 11 weeks pregnant today. The baby, who I now believe to be a boy, is approximately the size of a plum. I say that I believe it's a boy, but my mum also was convinced I was a boy. Boy was she wrong!!

Our farm is beginning to take shape. Actually it's a little overwhelming how large that shape is. We now have 159 cows and their accompanying royal court. Poor Jeff has 160 hormonal women around him at any given time. It sure makes me sympathize with the cows!

Christmas is just around the corner and I am just not feeling the cheer. Having so many people missing this year has just got me blue. We did go and wrangle a Christmas tree last night. It must have looked so classy, me dragging it on a calf-sleigh behind my snowmobile but having to hang on to the trunk in a somewhat awkward position to keep it on the too-small sleigh.

Tonight the plan is to tidey and vacuum the living room, put up the tree and then scrub the bathrooms (yuck).